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A blog dedicated to all those wonderful, beautiful, sexy, and amazingly talented biases of mine, who constantly insist on ruining my life by being so damn magnificent.

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Favorite February Female Comeback MVs

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One day, I was so frustrated that I ran away from the studio and turned off my phone so no one could find me. I don’t remember where I went but there were lots of people. I asked myself, “What am I doing?”, “Why have I given up so much and sacrificed my family?”, “Why did I choose this life?” But all I could think was that I should practice harder. The next day, I went to the studio 3 hours early to practice. That’s why I’m so stressed but at the same time I only let out stress by singing and dancing. It’s the only thing that keeps me going. This is all I have in life because I really want it.

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Let me introduce you Eunmi: Apink’s smartest members